The House

32 years of craftmanship


Upon creating his distillery in 1987, Jean Turin was a prudent man with a maturity to match his years. From a family of distinguished liquor distillers going back for generations, he was inspired by the exceptionally rich land and his ever-growing passion. His personality was defined by a desire to pass along the unique tastes and flavors of his heritage. His choice to combine the legacies of multiple generations of the family’s distilleries was visionary: the new concentration of expertise meant that Jean Turin’s mission was well underway.

The company based itself in Limoges, in one of the most unknown regions of France.  Built upon the principles of humility, courage, and appreciation of excellence, it proudly began to flourish in its homeland. The first collection of aperitifs intended to perfect the French ‘Art de Vivre’ was born. 

Sense of Family

For 30 years, Maison Turin has developed privately. The company quietly lives out its time, inventing only when necessary. The creation of new aperitif collections takes place methodically and in secret, within the cellars. This intentional and preserved confidentiality allows the company’s products to be perfected away from ease and temptation, creating in turn their remarkable, timeless quality.  

Over recent years, the Dumaine family has taken over the company and allowed it to flourish. Preserving fundamental values, the family has simultaneously adapted the brand to the modern world. Today, the company seeks to make French products shine internationally.

Le Savoir-Faire

Contrary to common practice, small and signature batches of product are fabricated exclusively in old cooper tanks. This tailor-made method of production leads to extraordinary results.

The painstaking selection of raw materials is an indispensable step. Carried out within the company or delegated to an external source, this part of the process has one main objective: to select only ingredients of the utmost quality. Alcoholates, distillates, plant and fruit varieties; all are chosen with great care. The aperitifs’ signature characteristics stem from this step.

More than a recipe, combining elements is a matter of taste; an art that goes beyond simply mixing ingredients together. The craftsman becomes an artist and marries the materials. Elements fuse together, becoming one. The blend takes shape. Bringing exceptional finesse and real style in an era where man is often replaced by machine, this hand-crafted part of the process determines the soul and balance of each aperitif collection. It is a sign of excellence.

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