Art of Living

The Aperitif culture


Jean Turin was over 74 years old when he embarked upon a simple mission: taking the French art of living to the next level. He devoted the rest of his life to shaping his company, creating an exquisite collection of French aperitifs in the process.

In French culture, living is an art. Attention to detail and the pursuit of finesse play an essential role in society. Moments with family and evenings with friends, aperitifs where time stands still, dinners with course after course; these are France.

The art of hosting

In France, each drink fit an occasion.  Ritual depends on the event, the hosts, the season, and place. Knowing how to host is a type of savoir-faire. In French cuisine, choosing the right setting makes all the aesthetic difference. The aperitif, as the entry way to cuisine, is of the utmost importance.

Toasting together

The aperitif is a prelude, an invitation to converse. Details like planning the reception, choosing alcohols, finding the right pairings, and selecting glasses make all the difference.

The aperitif helps to shape community life, strengthen family ties and forge friendships. It is important for identity and creates a feeling of continuity and belonging.

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